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Package net.sf.japi.swing

Swing extensions.


Interface Summary
ActionProvider Interface for classes that provide actions.
Progress Interface for classes that are able to display progress.

Class Summary
ActionFactory Class for creating and initializing Actions that are localized, user configurable and may invoke their final methods using Reflection; also handles extremely much useful stuff for i18n/l10n.
ColumnLayout Layout similar to FlowLayout, but using columns (vertical layout) instead of rows (horizontal layout).
DisposeAction An Action implementation that disposes a window when activated.
DummyAction Dummy Action implementation, an Action implementation which does nothing and only serves as an Action Property container.
IconManager Class to handle icons.
JFileChooserButton JButton for choosing a file from hd.
JFileField A class that displays a textfield for a file and a button for choosing the file.
JPropertyEditor Deprecated. don't use this class yet, it's under development and everything is subject of change.
JSAXErrorHandler Implementation of ErrorHandler for displaying XML parser errors on the screen.
LocaleComparator Implementation of Comparator that is able to compare Locale instances by their names (allowing null).
LocaleListCellRenderer Implementation of a ListCellRenderer that renders lists of Locale instances according to their names in the current default locale.
LookAndFeelManager A class that manages look and feel and provides a corresponding menu.
NamedActionMap An ActionMap subclass which provides a (possibly localized) name.
ProgressDisplay ProgressDisplay handles a popup dialog for the mainview which displays a process progressBar.
ReflectionAction Action implementation which invokes the desired method using Reflection.
TipOfTheDayManager Class that manages tips of the day.
ToggleAction The ToggleAction works similar as an ReflectionAction.
ToolBarLayout A LayoutManager that manages a layout of a Container similar to BorderLayout but with an important difference, it is possible to add as many components to a side layout region as you want.
ToolBarLayout.ToolBarConstraints Class for ToolBarLayout constraints.
WindowsLookAndFeel Windows Look And Feel on UNIX.

Enum Summary
ToolBarLayout.ToolBarConstraints.Region Enum for region.

Annotation Types Summary
ActionMethod Annotation for methods that are Actions.

Package net.sf.japi.swing Description

Swing extensions.

Yet another Java API
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