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JAPI Release Planning

Release Plan

The following releases with the following changes and release dates are planned:

2006-04-10: JAPI 0.9.0
  • Additions to ActionFactory to support explicitely reading strings from the bundle, ignoring preferences.
  • Final implementation of keystroke preferences.
  • At least one example for using the net.sf.japi.sql package.
2006-05-01: JAPI 0.10.0
  • Final implementation of proxy preferences.
  • Final implementation of the C Preprocessor. Note: This will quite likely become a project of its own.
  • Provide treetable usage example.
2006-06-01: JAPI 0.11.0
  • Final implementation of JAPI's first treetable.
  • Provide a splash screen implementation, which supports both, Java 6.0's new splash screen and a Java 5.0 fallback implementation, and implements progress so the user can be informed about application loading progress while the splash screen is displayed.
2006-07-01: JAPI 0.12.0
  • Complete rework of ActionFactory to support finer configuration and control and grouping of actions without increasing the usage effort or even decreasing it. The requirements are:
    • It must be possible to group actions under a name. This is required for the keystroke preferences.
    • The API should become smaller, simpler and eventually more modular.
2006-08-01: JAPI 0.13.0
  • Provide Locale preferences. They already exist in the Daimonin Editor and just need to be moved here.
Think whether and how changing the Locale during runtime could be possible. The most notable issues are Strings handled outside actions that would need to be updated. A convenient way would only be possible for applications that completely separate the model from visualization including all i18n-Strings in a way that recreating the GUI during runtime is possible.
2006-10-01: JAPI 0.14.0
  • Provide a complete suite of unit tests. The coverage should be good enough for regression testing.
    Note: Currently (as of 2006-03-08) some unit tests already are developed, using JUnit 3.8.1. Migration to JUnit 4.0 waits until JUnit 4.0 runs with Ant as well as IntelliJ IDEA.
2006-11-01: JAPI 0.15.0
  • This is a planned maintenance release before releasing the first stable version.
2006-12-01: JAPI 1.0
  • Release first stable version.
  • Branch for JAPI 2.0.

Unplanned features

These features are planned but without time schedule.


To see older versions of this release plan, look at $HeadURL: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/japi/trunk/src/doc/releasePlan.xhtml $ in the svn repository.

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